This blog serves as a journal to chart my progress and critically reflect on the production of my graduate project. In doing this I hope to achieve the following Intended Learning Outcomes:

  • drawing on a comprehensive range of techniques to communicate my work effectively to a range of stake-holders and target audiences, including peers, tutors, professionals, and the public;
  • demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of relevant ethical and professional issues and debates appropriate to my field of study;
  • demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of professional, industrial and theoretical contexts and how they inform my practice;
  • reflecting critically on my decision-making and practice, and propose ways in which the work may be extended or improved.

Those are the main points to cover, but I hope to include a sort of overarching narrative to make the reading experience a little more fluid. The target word count is 4000, which if divided into the 9 key recommended entries means around 450 words per post, however I hope to add extra ‘uncategorised’ posts here and there to fill out what I talk about or elaborate on things I might have missed.

The planned key entries are as follows:

  • An entry detailing my production idea
  • An entry that discusses my research methodologies I have selected
  • An entry that evidences my awareness of my intended market
  • An entry that analysis technical considerations, challenges and solutions
  • An entry that is an exposition of the ways my understanding of the above has impacted upon and shaped my project
  • An entry that provides evidence of the user testing I have carried out during the pre-production and prototyping phases
  • One or more entries that discuss the development of the idea, its visualisation and its justification
  • One or more entries that detail the the planning and pre-production stages including time management for example
  • A final entry that concludes/summarises and brings together all of the entries

Please click on the ‘Key Entry’ category in the side bar to filter everything but these key posts. I hope to post at least more than once a week most weeks in order to give a clear impression of my production process.


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