Production Analysis: Planning

Ensuring that I went about planning the production of Dead Time was essential if I wanted to complete a realistic amount of work in a predictable and reliable fashion. Back when my graduate idea was Chronorush, I created a Gantt chart (shown below) that mapped out in 2 week segments how I would spend the months ahead of me;

After making the decision to restructure my idea and ending up with the concept of Dead Time, I thought again about planning my project and looked at the Gantt chart I had created for producing Chronorush and reckoned that it was far too rigid a planning model for my tastes. I moved ahead with the production of Dead Time but came across Trello, an organisational web app for single developers or entire teams; tasks are represented as cards, which are stored under lists – tags can be used to quickly colour code tasks and give them context, to do lists can be created inside cards, developers can be assigned to specific cards by dragging their profile picture onto them, and many more features.

I found Trello to be extremely helpful in organising the production of my graduate project, as new tasks could be added and sorted on the fly, and I could view and estimate my workload at a glance as well as set due dates for certain tasks to plan out both the short term and long term production of my game. In hindsight, cards representing large development tasks for the game had the same visual presence as ordinary small tasks, so whilst Trello was great for small scale tasks, when it came to moving onto larger parts of the game, cards representing large areas of development such as ‘start on the art’ ballooned into smaller cards such as ‘create models for player’ and ‘create models for security door.’ In this regard I feel that I might have been misled by the rate at which I could complete tasks on cards seeing as there was no way to tell which cards held more relevance/were more difficult/took more time to complete leading to a disparity of understanding the greater scheme of things from the smaller. Nevertheless, I feel that Trello greatly aided the organisation of my project on a smaller scale.


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