Production Analysis: Conclusion

To conclude, I am pleased with Dead Time in its current state; I feel that from the beginning of the production of my graduate project I have learnt valuable lessons regarding, amongst others, project organisation, optimisation techniques, research methodologies, planning, idea generation and market awareness. I have also learnt that I can be too ambitious, and the vision I had of Dead Time at the start of production has not necessarily been realised with the final product. The predictions I had envisioned in my head of the realisation of features being a certain level of difficulty and needing a certain time to complete were usually incorrect; I found myself still tweaking and working on features I had expected to finish long before. I am glad however that I decided to restructure my idea as if I had followed through my my original idea of Chronorush I would have likely ended up with a weaker project.

Along with producing a game I feel as though I have become comfortable with the fundamentals of the C# programming language and wish to advance my skills further in this field as at several points in the project I remembered how little I knew of the language before and felt impressed at the functionality I had achieved, but also felt that I wanted to learn more. Saying that, it is producing art for games that I want to become the most proficient at, but while I felt like I had learned a lot and progressed on the programming side, I feel as though I didnt perform to my fullest on the art side; I speculate that this is due to me needing to spend more time on the programming side as I was learning as I went, whilst with the art I was short on time and couldn’t challenge myself in quite the same fashion. If I was equally skilled and experienced in both fields, then I would have likely been able to make much more accurate estimations on workload and time required for completion of tasks, resulting in a project closer to my aims or perhaps even more ambitious.

Looking to the future, I believe that all I need when it comes to meeting my expectations and ambitions in the future is greater experience and skill; by completing more projects I will obtain a greater understanding of the sorts of timeframes certain tasks require as well as increasing my efficiency and speed so that the tasks can be completed with less difficulty. I will likely continue production on Dead Time after the deadline in order to meet my standards and gain the experience I am striving for.




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