For the production of Dead Time I drew on the creative skills of two of my coursemates; as making an entire game is usually a difficult task, I recruited the help of two other experienced game developers that have been using the Unity engine as long as I have.

Name: Ben Conway

Role: UI Programmer

Ben aided me in linking the functionality of my game to the user interface in order to deliver important information to the player; as I did not have any GUI programming experience, I greatly valued Ben’s help with the project. Ben linked the numerical value of the heat level of the player to the onscreen GUI and used concantination to add descriptive text achieving further clarity with the UI. Additionally he used several fundamental mathematical functions including Mathf.Round to round the value to be more manageable (i.e. 56% rather than 56.789%) as well as programming the “overheating” and “entered dead time” warnings to be enabled when the heat level rises too high and to be disabled when it falls under an acceptable threshold. Overall Ben was very helpful with providing the functionality behind my UI.

Rating: 5/5

Name: Andy Joyce

Role: Unity Consultant

Andy aided me at many points throughout my project with various bug crunching and troubleshooting, his expertise being valuable due to him having knowledge of different aspects of unity than I do. In an area where my knowledge was lacking I was able to rely on Andy to inform. Andy was most helpful with getting my quaternion based turning system working, as I was having trouble joining the smoothed movement of the character on the x and z axes with the gravity and jumping based movement on the y axis; an issue I was being stalled by was solved in due course and with minimal difficulty thanks to Andy.

Rating: 5/5


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